Church nursery security is a critical aspect of providing a safe and happy nursery experience for the babies in your church. Leaving their child with strangers can be difficult for parents, but Fellowship One can provide you with the tools to give them peace of mind!

Church Nursery Check-in

Child check-in software makes it easy and quick to account for every baby and to give parents peace of mind that no one will be able to pick up their child but them, and that they can easily be notified if there is a problem.

Lifepoint Church in Minden, Nevada had an incident in which an intruder grabbed a boy during an outdoor class, and fled with him around the building. The Children’s Ministry Security Team gave chase, rescuing the boy from an imminent sexual assault. “Fellowship One is a wonderful, effective product that makes church nursery security highly visible, but still user friendly,” said Tammy Thayer, Lifepoint’s Communications Director. “Creating a safe and secure culture here is part of what lead to the heroic efforts of our Children’s Ministry team. While our team is well-trained on security procedures—which clearly work—check-in is a big part of that culture. With Fellowship One check-in, we’ve closed the door to most of the opportunities a predator would look for.”

Automated Background Checks

The team at Fellowship One highly recommends mandatory background checks for volunteers and staff, and they created Fellowship One software to automate the process and store the results with each volunteer’s profile.

Church Nursery Data

Fellowship One helps you gather, store and retrieve information on nursery-aged children and their families through its integrated database. It then seamlessly links that information to your church’s volunteer data, automated background checks, room information and check-in system, so that crucial operations for a secure church nursery become secondary to taking care of babies.