Church Accounting

Accounts Payable

FellowshipOne Financials powered by Shelby Systems Accounts Payable is a true fund accounting system that delivers instant access to the church and school financial information securely on the web.


Accounts Payable Features & Benefits

  • True fund accounting system
  • Designed to meet the specific needs of churches and schools
  • Secure access anytime, anywhere via the Web
  • Modern interface that’s easy for staff to learn and use
  • User permissions by function (and fund)
  • Unique user accounts for each person
  • Automated data backups and software and tax table updates

FellowshipOne Financials tracks bills, deposits, vendors, journal entries,and budgets. With features like dedicated funds, projects, and built-in controls, it’s easy to safeguard your finances and keep your books in good working order. And the system’s powerful reporting helps to take the stress out of providing financial statements to your donors, finance council, and pastor.

Meets Financial Accounting Standards (FASB117) requirements.

Compare with QuickBooks®

Churches that use QuickBooks are not only missing out on the benefits of a true fund accounting system, they may be leaving their financial records vulnerable in ways pastors, finance councils, and staff may not even realize.

See how FellowshipOne Financials can help you streamline your church accounting.