Getting Started with Fellowship One

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    Take Fellowship One for a Spin

    Sign up for a guided tour or a test drive. It’s easy!

    Start a guided tour

    Through our free webinars, you’ll experience our powerful church management software first hand. Encounter the full features of Fellowship One as we walk you through our ministry tool. We’ll answer your questions and show you how to spend more time with people and less time with software.

    Sign Up for A Tour!

    One of our staff members will always catch up with you after your guided tour and see if you have any questions. Or, contact them directly if you prefer.

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    Help Your Church Get Ready

    Our team will help you navigate the steps to get up and running.

    Data Preparation

    To make your transition to Fellowship One seamless, the data from your existing system will need to be converted to Fellowship One's file format. You can do it yourself or pay us to take care of all of it for you.

    Implementing the Fellowship One System

    No matter your technical experience or staffing power, we have a setup option that will work for you. We can walk you through our implementation methodology over the phone or while standing right next to you at your church. We'll meet you where you have need.

    The Fellowship One Format: DOC, XLS, online docs + other software
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    Plan a Successful Launch

    Grow your ministry through community support.

    Cast the Vision

    Oftentimes the decision makers who decide on adopting new church management software may not be the same people who use it on a daily basis. Generating buy-in from as many members of your team as possible is critical to the smooth implementation of the system. You must cast your vision of success early and repeat it often.

    Prepare for Change

    Implementing a new system is likely to cause change in many areas of your church. Help your team focus on the possibilities and not on the discomfort of having to learn something new. Give your team members an opportunity to voice their concerns and align your team to the vision of how the new system can help your church.

    Nominate a Champion

    We recommend that you nominate one staff member to be the Fellowship One champion at your church. In fact, we suggest that you have a whole TEAM of champions-in-training that this person fosters. These dedicated individuals will make sure that your church is maximizing the potential of Fellowship One and will be the main point of contact with our support staff.

    Develop a Communication Strategy

    Deliberately involving Fellowship One in your current processes from the outset will ensure a smooth transition and will make your ministries more effective.

    Ongoing Education and Relational Learning

    Our active support community will be invaluable for answering your questions. It is very relational and everyone is excited about helping each other.

    We also have a great yearly event for a more intense learning experience:

    Dynamic Church Conference