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  • Compatibility issues with IE11 and Fellowship One

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    We’ve been seeing issues when working in Fellowship One with Internet Explorer 11. The Internet Explorer update is part of Windows 8.1 and automatic updates for Windows 7. When using Internet Explorer, you might get logged out or receive a few errors in Fellowship One. Previous versions of Internet Explorer did not behave in this manner but this can be corrected with one simple change. Updating your Compatibility View settings in Internet Explorer 11 should relieve most issues associated with the updated browser (  

    2 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 11.19.13
  • M7060 - CORE Group Records

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    3 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 8.21.13
  • CORE Reports and Geo-Analytics

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    A picture is worth a thousand words...or so they say. What if you could take the data that you get from a CORE Report and use it to paint a picture? Well, it's possible! Pairing CORE Reports, like P9400, with a geo-analytics tools allows you to map your data, analyze it in 3D and more.

    2 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 7.8.13
  • Install Fellowship One Contributions

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    The Fellowship One Contributions Application is a standalone Windows based application that is used to scan checks and envelopes into Fellowship One.  Supported Operating Systems OPERATING SYSTEM STATUS SUPPORTED?

    25 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 6.7.13
  • Testing Your Connection to Fellowship One

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    Fellowship One is a web based CMS (Church Management Software).   Being web based provides many benefits but like any application though the infrastructure on which it runs is crucial.  The infrastructure in the case of Fellowship One is the Internet. This document gives the basic issues that occur with web based applications and also gives testing procedures for determining the location of the problems when they occur.

    2 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 2.22.13

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