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We come to you, you come to us, or we do it virtually... here are the options:

  Remote Training
Cost: $100/hour
Location: Your Desk (desktop sharing via WebEx)
Description: An Education Specialist will work with you to develop topics and functionality to cover during the training session. Any number of staff members may attend.

  Classroom Training, On-Site
Cost: $100/hour (16 hour min.) + travel and incidentals
Location: Your Church
Description: An Education Specialist will work with you to develop training plans and sessions for your entire staff at your location. The instructor will work directly with team members, teaching them how to use Fellowship One in their daily activities.

  Fellowship One Foundations
Cost: On Site/$499  | Online/$299
Location: FT Corporate Offices - Irving, TX | Online
Description: If you are new to Fellowship One or have recently changed roles, the Fellowship One Foundations class is for you. This class is structured to teach you all essential features and functions to help you care for, manage and grow your congregation. Plenty of exercises and hands-on labs will lay a firm foundation for using this broad enterprise management system. You will complete the class confident and encouraged in your ability to quickly find information that you need to make ministry decisions and complete tasks to maintain your data.


  Church Consulting
Cost: $100/hour
Description: Need the solution to a problem?  Would you like an expert to diagnose if your ministry is firing on all cylinders? Our Consultants will help identify strategies to facilitate change management, build better processes, or help you jump start a ministry.  More Info>


  F1 Champion Certification
Classroom Cost: $1,099 + your travel expenses
Location: FT Corporate Offices - Irving, TX
Description: You will meet in a classroom with a maximum capacity of 20 for a full week of intense training over all 5 certification tracks. On Friday you will complete the assignments, take the tests, be graded, and leave as a Certified F1 Champion.  More Info>

Cost: $30/webinar
Location: Your Desk (desktop sharing via WebEx)
Description: Choose from a list of pre-defined topical sessions. Each session lasts one hour and includes Q&A at the end.

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