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Online Giving and Pledge Campaigns

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By: rnmatthews on 1.01.13 in Contribution Management

Wondering if anyone else has this challenge.  I've gone through 2 support tickets and my issue still hasn't been resolved.  

We are in the middle of a 3 year building fund campaign.  In online giving (2.0), we only have 3 funds turned on:  Tithes, Offering, and Building Fund - Pledge Campaign.  However, when people give online and select the Pledge Campaign, it shows up in Fellowship One as Building Fund (no credit to the pledge campaign), which means the contributor also isn't receiving credit against their pledge. We are having to go in and manually change each contribution made through online giving in two places - one to change to household, as many of our donors pledged as a couple, and online giving doesn't allow you to give as a household, and one to change the fund to the pledge campaign.

Is there an easier, and more automated way to solve both of these issues?  I've made sure the primary fund is active, just  doesn't show up in online giving, and that doesn't work.  And I have no idea how to make sure that even though a pledge was made as a household, if one individual makes a contribution against that pledge, it credits against the pledge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated here!

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