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RoadMap: Communication Values

Type: Blog Post
By: Christie Fitzgerald on 8.31.12 in -RoadMap-
Keywords: Communication Values, RoadMap

UPDATE: We will be releasing the next phase of this project on October 9, 2012 at 10 p.m. CST.

This update will preserve the Communication Values at Risk (currently displayed at the bottom of the Edit Communication page) as Supplemental Communication Values. After this release, you will be able to add to, edit, or remove Supplemental Communication Values as needed. If you wish to move a supplemental communication value to an individual's core list of communication values, simply copy and paste the value into the desired field on the Edit Communication page.

For more information on this project as a whole, please continue reading.

Earlier this year, we began working to streamline the types of communication values available in Fellowship One. After extensive data analysis, feedback, and refinement we put this project into motion. Fellowship One now clearly sets expectations on what communication information is to be captured and what preferences people have when the church needs to communicate with them for both phone and email.

The 3 goals of this project are to:

  • Reduce the communication types (ie- school phone will no longer be a choice)
  • Set individual preferences (going forward this will be a requirement)
  • Remove the inaccurate use of "unlisted" (we currently use it to mean unsubscribe)

Reducing the communication types and setting preferences will give us the ability to become much more strategic in how we present and use the data; for example, when we send an email to a group, what email address is used when multiple exist?

The initial roll-out of this project met with a lot of great feedback from our user community. So while the need to streamline and resolve the issues around communication values must be addressed, the delivery of this initiative has undergone some changes.

The Data Conversion (outlined in the Communication Value Transition document) ensures that values move to appropriate core communication types. As of October 10, 2012, values that were not converted are now displayed at the bottom of the Edit Communications page as Supplemental Communication Values.

These supplemental communication values will not be used for business rules built into the product (ex. sending groups emails) or displayed in reports, people search, directory, or anywhere other than the individual communications value screen in Fellowship One portal. When using Query Builder, only core communication values will be used to search and supplemental communications values will not be displayed. And in the Report Library, only core communication values will be displayed in reports. Supplemental communications values will not be displayed. .

We understand that you may want to add to, edit, or remove supplemental communication values moving forward. Portal Users with appropriate permissions will be able to do so. They will be able to enter a Communication Value and a Comment. If there is no Comment entered for the Supplemental communication values, the Comm Type will be displayed in the Comment field.  If text has been entered then that text will be displayed in the Comment field. This enables you to maintain a set of communication values for each individual, and at the same time, allows us to expand the communication tools and functionality in place with the streamlined list of core communication values

Now that these core communication values have been set, you may be wondering how they will be used. The following business rules will be applied to the core communications values:

In any location where you see email or phone numbers, if all values are displayed, then the following will be shown:

  • Ind - Mobile Phone
  • HH - Home Phone
  • Ind - Work Phone
  • Ind - Emergency Phone
  • Ind - InFellowship Login (if populated)
  • Ind - Email
    • Primary - if InFellowship Login is not populated
    • Aternate - if InFellowship Login is populated
  • HH - Home Email

In any location where you see email or phone numbers, if only one value is displayed for the Phone and/or Email then the following business logic will be followed to display the value:

  • Phone
    • Preferred Phone
    • Ind - Mobile Phone
    • HH - Home Phone
    • Ind - Work Phone
  • Email
    • Preferred Email
    • Ind - InFellowship Login
    • Ind - Email
    • HH - Home Email

For Group Email through Fellowship One and through InFellowship, emails will only be sent to core communication values based on the following order:

  • Preferred Email
  • Ind - InFellowship Login
  • Ind - Email
  • HH - Home Email
Christie Fitzgerald
F1 Staff
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