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RoadMap: Moving Forward

Type: Blog Post
By: Christie Fitzgerald on 12.19.12 in -RoadMap-
Keywords: Activity, API, RDC, Requirements, Table Project

Our development team is continually working on projects to create new functionality, enhance existing features, and make Fellowship One the best ChMS available for your church. Although it’s not feasible to cover all of the projects on our RoadMap in this one post, we do want to share some of what we are working on for 2013. Here are a few items that may be of interest…

Fellowship One Contributions
For those of you scanning offering envelopes and checks into Fellowship One, this project will definitely be of interest!

On June 4, 2013, we released the new Contributions Application. Read our RoadMap | Contributions Application blog to learn about the enhancements included in the release and the steps you need to take to begin using this new application.

Keep up with enhancements made to the Contributions area of Fellowship One in response to the release of our Contributions Application here.

Activity Management Enhancement

Flexibility within the activity structure has created complexity. One of the most difficult tasks software developers have is hiding complexity in simplicity; if it isn't simple, it is prone to error, and confusion.

Bottom line, we are going to re-work the Activity management section in 2013 to make it easier to use. There will be multiple phases of this project. We’ll outline the high points on our  Activity Management Feature Blog and then share UX and concept elements as soon as they are made available to us from our Development Team.

We welcome your comments and feedback! Please post comments to feature blog for the specific RoadMap item it pertains to. You can post new Ideas and Suggestions in our Customer Forum.

Christie Fitzgerald
F1 Staff
95 posts

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