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  • Open SSL Heartbleed Bug

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    At ACTIVE Network, we take the security of your data very seriously. We are aware of the Heartbleed internet vulnerability and have been investigating it. Based on the technology we use, we believe Fellowship One is not affected. We'll continue to evaluate the risk and notify you if anything changes.

    0 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 4.10.14
  • System Status Update

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    Week of January 12, 2014

    3 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 1.16.14
  • Editing Group Join Date for InFellowship

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    The ability to modify the "joined date" for group members of InFellowship Groups is now available! Before Group Leaders can edit this date, the Group Type (set up in Fellowship One) must be configured to allow the leaders to edit a member record. The video below will walk Group Type Admins through the settings that must be turned on to allow the member date to be edited.

    19 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 12.5.13
  • Share Your F1 Ninja Stories

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    We think of our loyal F1 champions as Ninjas, ordinary heroes quietly displaying extraordinary feats of endurance, agility, strength, knowledge, and F1 mastery to provide exceptional member care in the Kingdom. One of the best parts of working with our Fellowship One family is getting to hear the stories our customers tell us about significant wins they’ve experienced with their F1 software.

    1 comment Posted in F1 Blog on 10.22.13
  • Customer Support Portal | Phase 3

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    Viewing All Account Cases

    6 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 10.16.13
  • Don’t let your current velocity settings stop donors from giving

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    What are velocity settings? Velocity settings are a set of transaction thresholds defined uniquely for your church that help ensure the safety of your ACH activity. They are similar to the thresholds your bank puts on ATM transactions to detect and prevent fraud. For example, some banks may not allow account holders to withdraw more than $200 in a single transaction and no more than $400 in a single day. They apply to ACH and RDC transactions only and do not impact contributions made via credit card.

    0 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 9.27.13

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