Fellowship One Premier gives you access to the complete toolbox in our church management software, along with ServiceU event management software. You’ll be fully equipped to maximize your ministry efficiency level with not only superior tools but also complementary consulting and training opportunities available only with Premier.


360° View of Families and Individuals

  • Manage ministries with complete church membership software
  • Keep detailed family and individual profiles
  • Offer online church directory of members
  • View ministry involvement of members and attendees
  • Record public or private notes
  • Track history of touch points with the church
  • Define and capture custom fields and attributes
  • Store registration history and background checks
  • Import family and individual photos
  • Link to social media accounts from profile
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Church Membership Software
Teacher Application

Teacher Application

  • Enable volunteers and/or staff to have access to information on their specific room assignments
  • See when children are added to their class before the child gets to the room
  • Check kids in and out, see their security codes and important notes like food allergies and any upcoming birthdays
  • Filter the rooster to only show kids that are on-site, checked in or checked out order to work quickly and efficiently
  • Add any important notes or comments
  • See special instructions set by parents like allergies or parents' cell phone numbers

Coordinator Application

  • See the roster capacity and the number of volunteers and students checked in to each class in real time
  • Receive alerts when a roster is approaching capacity
  • Increase or decrease roster capacities as well as open or close rooms to check-in at the touch of a button
  • Balance class sizes and teacher-to-student ratios with the ability to move volunteers and students from one class to another
  • Empower two-way communication between Coordinator and teachers/volunteers
  • Optimized for use on any mobile tablet device, smart phones and desktop or laptop web browsers
Coordinator Application
Visitor Outreach Software

Visitor Outreach Assimilation

  • Rapidly enter data from visitor cards
  • Monitor consistency and efficiency of church visitor follow-up
  • Track your church visitor assimilation process
  • Integrate communication forms from website into database
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Advanced Church Data Management

  • Customize access to church database via role-based security
  • Define and track workflow routing of tasks
  • Create and save custom search criteria
  • Search, export, update, and email lists of people
  • Find and remove duplicate individual records
  • Verify U.S. addresses automatically via the USPS
  • Implement data analysis with expansive library of reports
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Church Data Management
Church Communication Tools

Communication Tools

  • Define HTML email church newsletter templates
  • Send emails to a small group or the entire congregation
  • Define delegates to send an email on behalf of someone else
  • Support for small groups of any style or hierarchy
  • Search for a small group via custom criteria or a proximity map
  • Grant access for self-maintenance of individuals’ member profiles
  • Activate social media touch points to Facebook and Twitter
  • Empower lay leaders to self-manage their small groups
  • Offer simple tools for effective communication between small group leaders/members
  • Define mentor/mentee relationships
  • Integrate database with church social media tool, The Table Project
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Online Giving and Donation Management

  • Enable complete church donation tracking and reporting features
  • Save time with check scanning and image storage
  • Create accurate, timely and customizable church contribution statements
  • Monitor progress of church pledge drives
  • Report and analyze church giving trends
  • Offer members self-service printing of church contribution statements
  • Offer online giving via credit card, debit card or eCheck
  • Integrate giving with several giving kiosk options
  • Capture automated attendance using customizable rules
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Online Giving Software
Event Management Software

Event Management

  • Define custom forms for online church event registration
  • Define questions, answers and instructional text
  • Accept online payment for registration and up-sell items
  • Define multiple payment schedules/prices
  • Define maximum amount of registrants per event
  • Rapidly enter attendance data
  • Track and report on registrations, attendance and revenue
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Church Small Groups and Community

  • Support small groups of any style or hierarchy
  • Search for a small group via custom criteria or a proximity map
  • Enable self-serve maintenance of individuals’ member profiles
  • Provide social media touch points to Facebook and Twitter
  • Empower lay leaders to self-manage their small groups
  • Define mentor/mentee relationships
  • Integrate with church social media tool, The Table Project
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Small Groups Software


ServiceU Scheduling

  • Event scheduling
  • Online and internal calendar
  • Streamline communication process
  • Embed links to F1 online registration forms
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ServiceU Scheduling


Volunteer Management

  • Define prerequisites for church volunteer positions
  • List church volunteer opportunities online
  • Accept church volunteer applications online
  • Receive automated background checks on church volunteers
  • Qualify applicants through a volunteer pipeline
  • Define and track a giftedness program
  • Match gifts/talents with church volunteer opportunities
  • Create and manage volunteer assignments
  • Capture church staff and volunteer attendance
  • Report on church volunteer service hours
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Multi-Site Church Management

  • Support for a variety of models for multi-site churches
  • View individual and family involvement by church campus
  • Auto-assign contact cards and visitor follow-up tasks by campus
  • Define and manage ministries and activities by campus
  • Manage contributions, pledge drives and online giving by campus
  • Facilitate online community and church small groups by campus
  • Customize all reporting by campus or across multiple campuses
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Church Software in the Cloud

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your church database
  • Unparalleled security, PCI compliance
  • No touch, no cost upgrades
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Mobile interfaces, including native iPhone and Android applications

User Community and Support

  • Free resource library of best practices, education videos and more
  • Emergency phone support for system issues
  • Non-Emergency email support
  • Dedicated Account Manager