Online Giving Information

FellowshipOne Online Giving offers convenience, cost effectiveness, and consistency. Regularly scheduled online giving lowers the church’s administrative costs, typically increases the total amount given, and often levels out seasonal giving lulls.

The FellowshipOne Experience

Ability to Give

Offering online giving ensures that anyone anywhere can give to your church. People who are out of town can continue to give, grandparents who live in another state can help pay for church camp, and you can instantly offer a special giving category, such as emergencies or natural disasters.

Reduced Administration

Spend less time counting money and scanning checks. And since all giving data can be displayed online, you can skip all the work, preparation and financial expense that go into printing and mailing statements every year.

Recurring Gifts

The number one reason to accept online giving is the opportunity to create a steady stream of recurring giving among members. Allowing people to give whether they are out of town or home sick helps your church avoid seasonal dips in giving.


We take security very seriously! We are PCI-Compliant and meet all PCI/DSS security standards, such as SSL certificates and encryption.


You can use the branding tools within FellowshipOne to customize the look and feel of your online giving experience. Doing so will provide a seamless transition between your church website and your online giving tool.