Visitors represent 100% of your current church growth potential. Helping visitors stay, connect and engage, then, is a key requirement of church growth. Church attendance software can help visitors get assimilated and register for church events.

Most churches have a high enough visitor rate to experience growth if they could only keep their visitors and grow them into committed members. This requires a commitment to making them feel welcome and getting them connected to the life of the church.

Maximize that process first with greeters and effective signage to help visitors feel oriented. If they cannot find their way around and no one is available to help, many will not return.

Next, capture your visitors’ contact information. Offering a small gift in exchange for their completed visitor card is sometimes successful. Effective follow-up is then crucial. They know you have their information, and their church attendance has pre-qualified them as interested in the church. It’s the ultimate form of permission marketing. They expect to be contacted. Contact them. Don’t just invite them backā€”hear their stories.

Members must adopt the “always a host, never a guest” mentality and stray from their friend groups to greet newcomers. Having designated connectors (e.g. the women’s or children’s minister, or the volunteer coordinator) in place to help link the newcomers to areas of personal interest is an important element of visitor retention. The sooner they feel connected, the more likely they are to stay. If significant relationships aren’t starting to form by 6-8 weeks, retention drops off significantly.

Here’s how FellowshipOne church attendance software can help you keep and connect with your visitors:

  • Rapid data entry of church visitor cards: visitor follow-up can occur quickly
  • Automated work-flow to monitor visitor follow-up, so no one gets overlooked
  • Track visitor assimilation process through spiritual growth touch points
  • Self-service access to church event registration software can help visitors discover and register for events, small groups, and volunteer opportunities via your website