Stay in Touch with Your Members

Regularly connecting with your members in a meaningful way helps to foster a sense of community within the church. As your church grows larger, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay in touch with your church family. FellowshipOne can help maintain those personal connections in several ways.

It may seem like a simple thing, but having photos of individuals and families loaded into your church management software is powerful. It not only helps to put a name with a face, but is a daily reminder of those whom you serve. FellowshipOne, in partnership with both LifeTouch and Olan Mills, makes it easy to capture and upload photos of your entire congregation.

Using FellowshipOne’s integrated email feature, you can send rich, html-based, emails to anyone or everyone within your congregation. Writing, testing and sending your email is as easy as sending a personal email in Outlook or Google. Churches using FellowshipOne send millions of emails each month using this powerful tool.

By leveraging the data tracked within FellowshipOne, you can identify trends that may be early indicators of trouble. There may be an opportunity for the church to gently reach out to a family to inquire if help is needed.

How FellowshipOne helps you with church communications:

  • HTML email church newsletter templates
  • Richly-designed email templates for church email marketing
  • Saved templates for repeat email types
  • Familiar text editor tool bar
  • People query and temporary groups enable targeting emails to relevant audience only (i.e. parents)
  • Mass email groups of any size
  • Security rights management for delegation (defining who may send an email on behalf of someone else), template creation and sharing, and “confidential” email viewing
  • Report recommendation list to help collect accurate email information
  • Activated emails (hyperlinks and buttons to take next action: donate, register, or view other materials) encourage “next actions”