When you make the decision to partner with FellowshipOne, we also make the commitment to partner with you. Our implementation team has over 50 years of combined experience working both on church staff and implementing thousands of churches on FellowshipOne. It is because of that experience we can offer you Best Practice and Business Process consulting as a part of our implementation methodology.

Experience & Partnership

Through our many years of experience we have found that implementing FellowshipOne is not simply a change in your database software, but the entire implementation process focuses on three key areas: People, Process, and Technology.  We work closely with your team to execute a specific, customized implementation plan that allows enough time for change while also keeping momentum moving towards your anticipated “Go Live” date.

We partner you with one of our expert consultants who will guide you through your implementation. As a result, knowledge is transferred to your church team while your internal project manager is empowered with best practice insights, process plans, user education, technology configuration, and project management. It’s a partnership that supports YOU throughout the entire implementation project.

The Tools

We provide you with a detailed implementation plan in a collaborative project management environment.  It is here that your project manager and assigned consultant collaborate together to execute the FellowshipOne implementation project. All to-do items, assignments, due dates are all organized in one convenient place.


Successful implementations provide excellent user training. All users learn differently. Our team works with you, investing in your users through videos, hand-on training, and Q & A sessions. This leads to the success of your implementation project while increasing the return on ministry across your church.