Church Security

There was a time when church security meant making sure the building was locked up. Now that deadly shootings, child abuse, and other crimes have visited churches, leaders are learning that they must prepare for the unthinkable.

Fellowship One has always put a high priority on church security. With the rise in church-related crime, it’s never been more important to have the tools, processes and procedures in place than now. The challenge is to do this without sacrificing a warm and welcoming atmosphere and the “open door” policy churches favor, the very traits that put them at risk.


Because a primary area of church risk is in children’s ministry, a key feature of child check-in software is aimed at the security of children. Our check-in system includes:

  • Simple and speedy check-in
  • Pagers that notify parents if there’s a problem
  • Specially coded tags that prevent unauthorized pick up and inform staff and volunteers of food allergies or other special needs
  • Instant access to a child’s location after check-in
  • Automatic background checks for every volunteer


The church has also become a target for cybercrime. That’s why church security must include the protection of private information, including payment data. Fellowship One's church software goes beyond PCI compliance, protecting data at the highest levels available against viruses, hackers, physical damage, such as fire or flood, and system failure.

Security Strategy

Fellowship One supplies not only web-based, Enterprise level and point solutions for churches and other organizations, but also we are committed to educating leaders with the vital information needed to save lives, money and time. For those resources we don’t provide, we will introduce you to our trusted partners in church security consulting. At a minimum, we recommend this basic 8-point security strategy:

  1. Background Checks
  2. Check-in System
  3. Aggressive Friendliness Training
  4. Sexual Abuse Training (including sexual harassment)
  5. Emergency Action Plan
  6. Triage Teams
  7. Emergency Response Team (ERT) Kits
  8. Communications

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