Leadership Inspiration for the Month

We are passionate about your ministry at your church.  You probably have a lot of new guests visiting your church this fall.  You probably have a lot of ministry going on too.  This generates lots of new registrations, new people records, more data about more people engaging in your ministries.  Since 2004 we’ve served thousands […]

Planning an Effective Church Budget: Budget Approved, Now What?

A guest blog from the accounting team at PSK. 4 Strategies for Following Through 1. Have a strong platform in place that includes: + A chart of accounts, or a list of the church’s general ledger accounts used to generate financial statements (This should be an exact replica of the church budget.) + Timely financial […]

Planning an Effective Church Budget: Following a Budget Planning Timeline

A guest blog from the accounting team at PSK. Financial planning in churches varies as greatly as worship styles, mission projects, and building architecture. Some churches operate without a budget, a practice that’s definitely not recommended. But many churches swing to the other extreme, expending exorbitant time and energy to fix and control budgets. A […]

Fellowship Community Church: Removing data silos and improving member care

Jim Diercks followed a career in the United States defense industry by taking a lead volunteer role with the 1,300-member, two campus church. At the time, their church management system consisted of data silos of excel spreadsheets and Google Apps. for several years, the senior Pastor felt the church had outgrown this system and worried […]

Who Are Your Super Greeters?

Ideally, everyone is part of the welcome team. Leadership must communicate clearly and regularly to the congregation that everyone is a host, not a guest. Greeters are those awesome volunteers who are quick with a smile and a handshake and can point people in the general direction of the worship center or the restroom. But […]

Small Groups Summer Refresh

Summer is when many ministries of your church may switch gears and do things differently. Here are a few ways that summer can be for a time to refresh your small group leaders and groups. Break the mold Do your group leaders tell you they feel like they’re trying to cram too much into each […]


WELCOME TO 2016! Are you among the millions who make and inevitably abandon their New Year’s resolutions? While we all wish we could do a better job keeping our personal resolutions, dynamic church leaders know they can’t afford to simply make a wishlist (what many resolutions amount to) and hope for the best.

Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less

As executive pastor of your church, you’re a person who knows how to get things done. You’re detail-oriented and task-driven, but you also know how to motivate people and measure results. Because of your diverse strengths, you wear a lot of hats. Your roles may range from managing staff and overseeing building operations to ministering […]

The Missing Milestone: Millennials & Marriage [Infographic]

This is the final segment of our millennial series. (See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.) Millennial data pinpoints to marriage as a critical juncture of adulthood that, like many other aspects of maturity, is being postponed. In the context of millennials and the church, marriage is unique in the set of adult markers […]

The Heart of the Millennial Issue

This is the third segment in our Millennials series. (See Part 1 and Part 2) “Millennials and the Church” research reveals a lot of interesting and conflicting ideas, but what do millennials themselves–and the pastors of dynamic churches that are actually reaching them–have to say? These 7 voices reflect variations on a theme: