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One of the great frustrations for database administrators is separate software systems that don’t interact with each other. For two companies to merge usability of their different systems, technical bridges must be built. One company must build an API that gives secure, select, back-door access to its users’ databases, and the other company must configure their software to that API. This is a time-consuming proposition, but it has huge implications for the new Internet ecosystem. Through APIs, vendors can seamlessly connect to one another to form a mash-up of applications, ultimately increasing the value to the end user far beyond what one vendor can do alone. Examples are Google, Facebook and Salesforce.

Another value to this ecosystem is that companies can focus on their core competencies and create better products than if they are forced to be “jacks-of-all trades, and masters of none.”

Fellowship One has an API. Currently, the following companies have “built bridges” to integrate through the F1 API:

Preferred Partners

Rarely can one company provide all that its customers need.

Arguably, it shouldn't. It often requires multiple companies focused on specific core competencies integrated together to provide a comprehensive solution. Fellowship One has established a network of like-minded business partners that want to work together with us to help the local church.

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