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  • Fellowship One Community News: March 2013

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    Check out this edition of the Fellowship One Community News

    0 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 3.11.13
  • New User Right Added to InFellowship

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    As more and more InFellowship functions have been added, there has been an increased need to have only a select group of Portal Users to control the InFellowship Admin functions.  This feature has been requested by several churches as some well-meaning users have unfortunately changed colors in branding or have turned off features.

    3 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 6.15.12
  • Contact Item Login | How-to

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    Can you add a login to pre-populate an individual's information for Contact Items?   Yes! Try this Fellowship One solution to enable your individuals who already have InFellowship accounts to login before submitting a Contact Item. In doing-so, they prepopulate much of their information making it faster and easier to submit! 

    3 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 6.12.12
  • Weblink Registration Solutions | FAQs | VBS | Summer Camp | Fellowship One

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    1. What if we have multiple rooms per grades/gender as well as mixed grades sometimes (ex. 3rd and 4th grade girls). How can I manage this with Weblink Forms? Create a RLC Setup with no age restrictions and make the grade & gender designations at the Question/Answer level. This also enables you to name the RLC according to a theme.

    2 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 3.19.12
  • Weblink Forms - Multiple Payments | How To

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    Question: With summer camps quickly approaching and high costs for multiple children, how can we enable our members to make multiple payments online using a Weblink form?

    4 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 2.9.12
  • RoadMap: Groups 2.0 Attendance

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    Group attendance gives your small Group leaders the ability to capture/edit attendance and view historical participation trends. Church staff benefit as reminders for attendance are automated and attendance data is exposed through the portal. (Iteration 1 released Sept 2011)

    33 comments Posted in F1 Blog on 4.12.11

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