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Install Fellowship One Check-In Application

Type: FT Solution
By: Sid Emory on 7.25.11 in Activity Management
Keywords: 8, Check-in, Event Management, Security, Windows

Click the following link to download and install Fellowship One Check-in v.2.5:

Before installing be sure to read the Administrator's Notes below. Also read the Installation and Troubleshooting Guides that are attached below.

Supported Operating Systems




Windows 8

Works Well

Fully Supported*

Windows 7

Works well

Fully Supported

Windows Vista

Works well

Fully Supported

Windows XP

Works Well

Fully Supported

* Windows 8 RT is a limited version of Windows 8 so it does not run the Check-in Application

Important Administrator's Notes

  • For 64-bit Windows computers and Windows8, during the installation you must change the default directory to C:\FT\Fellowship One Check-In. If the default directory is not changed at install, the application will complete the install but you will not be able to run or update the program.

  • The user that is signed into the computer must have full Administrative rights to the Check-in directory and it's subdirectories. 

  • For Windows XP, Check-in requires the installation of version 2.0 of the .NET Framework. Click here for the proper version

Additional Installation Steps

For instructions and drivers to install a Godex printer with Check-in go here.

For instructions and drivers to install a Zebra printer with Check-in go here.

For troubleshooting issues go here

Sid Emory
F1 Staff
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