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Changes in Weblink Login - Multiple Emails on accounts & household vs. Individual

Type: Forum Post
By: Lark Corbitt on 11.01.10 in WebLink/InFellowship

I have a question.  In the FAQ it states that if more than one person in the family has the same email address, then it will not match to the account and the person will have to complete a new account record.  Way before you guys created the ability to select "parents of selected" to send emails, we always had to enter emails for all the kids.  So most of our families have the same email attached to many family members.  So does this mean that most of our families will need to create all new records and we will have to merge them all?

Is there a way to clean up all duplicate emails before this goes active?

Also, what if they use a household email vs. an individual email?  If there is the same email used for household and individual will that not "match".  What if it's only listed as household but not as any individual accounts will it match?


Lark C.
StoneBridge Church
The Woodland, TX

Lark Corbitt
F1 Champion
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