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Core Report: M1300 Released In Time for Christmas

Type: Blog Post
By: Christie Fitzgerald on 12.18.12 in -Community News-
Keywords: Community Spotlight, Core Reports

M1300 Released in Time for Christmas

Our Report Services Team has added some great enhancements to M1300 - Core Attendance Totals, making it even more robust. Best of all, it's available for you to use this holiday season!

With all of the special services, events and serving opportunities this time of year, M1300 will help you stay on track. Run attendance totals to anything...for anyone...summarized any way you want...with metric analyses included!

To help you utilize and stay up-to-date on this report, we've created a new FT Solution and included some of the future iterations we're considering. We want to know what you think, what you like, and what you need, so we invite you to subscribe, share, and comment on M1300 FT Solution.

In addition, we will add similar posts for all our Core Reports. They will be featured in our Core Report Gallery!

Serving You,
The Fellowship One Team

Christie Fitzgerald
F1 Staff
95 posts

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