Maximizing Volunteers

Volunteers are a valuable resource. This whitepaper covers 5 foundations for recruiting and the 10 steps in a volunteer pipeline, as well as background checks and training.


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Volunteers are a valuable resource for a church. People love to get involved in the church by volunteering, but they simply don’t know where to start. They fear they’ll be placed into a volunteer role that doesn’t match up well with their God-given talents and they’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and ill-equipped.

They can also be put off by inefficient processes that make it difficult for them to know when and where they are scheduled to volunteer.

For staff, managing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of church volunteers across multiple ministries and even multiple campuses can be daunting. Besides the administrative tasks, there are security concerns that must be addressed. Staff must also make sure that volunteers are appropriately matched with tasks that fit their giftings and preferences.

A powerful church management software should be able to address and manage all these concerns. Volunteers Can:

  • Apply online
  • Receive automatic reminders

Staff can:

  • Recruit and identify church members for volunteer service
  • Accept church volunteer applications online through your website
  • Increase security through the use of automated volunteer background checks
  • Match the gifts and talents of members to the church volunteer opportunities
  • In this whitepaper, we will look at the following areas that can assist you in maximizing and managing volunteers:

    1. Volunteer Central

      Developing a vision for your volunteer strategy

    2. Volunteer Pipeline

      Utilizing a tried and true process to assimilating volunteers

    3. Automated Background Checks

      Letting technology do the heavy lifting

    4. Greeters and Super Greeters

      Targeting personalities for specific volunteer roles

    5. Case Study: Care Ministries

      Learning from a church that implemented a Fellowship One process successfully

    6. Sample Confidentiality Agreement

    To read more, download the PDF here. (14 pages)