What does it mean to run church software in the "cloud"?

Running software in the "cloud" means that you no longer need to buy, install, and maintain software applications yourself. Instead the applications are located in a shared data center and you access them via the Internet. Another term for cloud computing is Software as a Service, or SaaS.

Fellowship One is a web-based church management software solution that resides in the “cloud”. This allows your church to save substantially on hardware, software and personnel costs. You will no longer need to devote resources for hardware on which to run the church management software nor personnel to operate and maintain either the hardware or the software. It allows the church to focus on its core competency ‐ ministering to people.

What are the advantages of the “Cloud” or “SaaS”?

Anytime, anywhere access - it is available anytime, anywhere with just a web browser and an Internet connection

Get started faster – Churches can be up and running with Fellowship One in just a few days

Reduced risk ‐ We provide a professionally managed data center with multiple levels of security, redundancy and backups to ensure your data is safe and secure

No touch, no cost upgrades ‐ We regularly upgrade Fellowship One with new features and enhancements; the upgrades are free and require no action on the part of the church to install them

Lower total cost of ownership ‐ The overall cost of a cloud‐based solution is actually lower due to the reduced costs of maintenance and internal IT support

There are a number of great resources on the Internet to learn more about the benefits of cloud computing and the SaaS model. Here are links to just a few to get you started:



Fellowship One API and Community for Developers

Fellowship One has an application programming interface (API) that allows churches and business partners to easily extend the power of the Fellowship One church management software. The Fellowship One API is built upon REST application architecture principles and is free to use by churches using Fellowship One and qualified business partners.

A community site, specifically for developers using the API, is available at Developer.FellowshipOne.com. The community site includes all of the details you need to begin building add‐ons or integrating a 3rd party application to Fellowship One. The site includes working example applications for the iPhone, Facebook, ExpressionEngine, and Microsoft MVC. We are excited to see all of the creative things that the community of developers will build for the Church with this API.

To learn more and apply for a key to use the Fellowship One API please visit Developer.FellowshipOne.com today!

Stay connected by follow the Fellowship One Development team on Twitter: http://twitter.com/F1dev

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