Small Groups & Community

church small groups

  • Use with any style or hierarchy of church small group
  • Provide group search on your website, using custom criteria or proximity map
  • Monitor leaders' span of care and the health and activity of all small groups
  • Link to social media: Facebook, Twitter and The Table Project
  • Empower lay leaders to self-manage their own groups
  • Enable effective communication between small group leaders and members

Getting individuals connected into a small group is a proven way to help build community among believers and improve their spiritual growth. Using Fellowship One’s small group features, visitors and members can search for a small group online through your existing website and submit an interest form for one or more groups.

Small group leaders can respond to contacts requesting information about the group, update contact information, communicate with the group via email, and more, all without burdening the church staff with additional administrative responsibilities. Leaders can easily report on the latest information, attendance, prayer requests and more about their group for staff members to review. This eases the administrative time required to provide oversight on each small group.

Small group members can mantain their own profile and include social media links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. For additional social media features we have integrated with The Table.

Watch this video to get a feel for how Fellowship One Groups will help your ministry!

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The Group detail page provides a comprehensive and customizable overview of a Group including its interests, schedule and map.

A profile of the group's leader can be included along with links to their social media profiles.

An interactive map is included that show's the group's approximate meeting location. Exact location can be hidden if additional security is required.

If someone is interested in the group they can fill out the simple form on the left and a message is sent immediately to the group's leader.


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If you are a technology guru, IT director, developer or even all three combined, then we have a number of resources specifically for you.

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Fellowship One is a web-based system that allows a church of any size, from new church plants to multi-site mega churches, to be more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration, and to engage the community. Fellowship One provides a unique 360-degree, single view of the families in your church, their involvement and their needs so that you can personalize their care.

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