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When people think of church accounting software solutions, they often mean different things. For some, this refers to general ledger or fund accounting, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll. Others are looking for a way to efficiently manage and track donations made to the church. Some want both, and they’d prefer to have those features in one product.

Whether you’re looking for church financial software, online giving software, or church management software, Fellowship One has a solution.

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General Ledger Security

Did you know that general ledger data should be kept separate from member’s giving data? Member giving data is part of a larger body of data revolving around member care and service. In order to maximize this data, it must be available to many users. Access to the data that is unrelated to member giving in your general ledger—such as payroll—should be restricted to a few pertinent individuals to maintain data security. That’s one reason why Fellowship One is more than church accounting software.

Playing to Core Competencies

Church accounting software and church management software are two different beasts, from a development perspective. Fellowship One’s core mission is to enable churches to provide world-class member care. There are a number of proven, single-focused accounting solutions available. To try to include church accounting software when so many others excel in this area would dilute our core competency.

Integrating Both Functions with an API

At the same time, Fellowship One recognizes the need for member giving data and fund designations to integrate with a church’s general ledger. That’s why we developed an API that enables only specified data to be imported into your church accounting software. It’s the best of both worlds, and far more secure! This is what sets Fellowship One apart from all other church management software solutions. Read more about Fellowship One's accounting protocols.

Online giving software such as Fellowship One's Fellowship One is extremely popular among churches and non-profit organizations because of the convenience, cost effectiveness, and consistency it provides for:

  • Increasing giving and lower admin costs via online donations
  • Tracking progress of church pledge drives
  • Rapidly entering the offering imaging and check scanning
  • Automating bank deposits through fully integrated Remote Deposit Capture
  • Customizing accurate and timely church contribution letters
  • Self-serve member viewing and printing of church donation history
  • Reporting and analyzing church giving trends
  • Integrating with proven accounting solutions

We invite you to learn more about donation software and church accounting software strategies, and all the benefits of Fellowship One.

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