The Few, the Bold & the Easily Spotted: An Online Giving Tip

hidden messageIf 90% of Americans are online, and few carry cash or checks anymore, online giving should be an easy sell. It’s simple, flexible, and automatic. But how do you get people to hear that message among the multitude of other voices competing for their attention?

The answer:


The Rule of Seven says that people must see or hear a marketing message at least seven times before they will take action. This may be why there is so much written noise out there. Your words can stand out above the noise if you make sure they are few, bold and easily spotted. Examples might be:

  • A large sign with only the words GIVING KIOSK in large red letters and an arrow pointing downward, displayed in a prominent spot
  • A GIVE NOW button that can’t be missed, on every page of your website
  • A short, humorous video showing that even the pastor can do it (with help from his wife!)

Avoid subtlety at all cost. Put your seven messages in different places and different formats. If it’s short, simple and eye-catching, it will speak volumes that will actually get heard.

Gina Calvert

Gina is a word nerd who has been writing for ACTIVE for five years. When she’s not crafting content, she’s gardening, repurposing old furniture, reading, or watching movies with her husband.

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