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Everywhere you look, from marketing to ministry, you hear about the importance of Story. Everyone has one and somehow we connect through them, but it’s not easy to do in today’s fractured, turbo-paced world.

A Social Network for Churches

One organization is so committed to bringing stories together that they offer their group interaction platform to churches for free! The Table Project, a non-profit organization, has developed a private social network that churches can use to do away with anonymity and encourage intimacy among their members and visitors.

As Facebook users, The Table’s developers saw the potential—and the drawbacks—of a public social network. They wanted to add the features churches need (like message boards) and eliminate the things they don’t (like ads), in order to create a way for churches to share life together. They’re fans of Facebook’s global connection, but they’re striving for local engagement.

Even though they dreamed of it happening, even they have been amazed at the stories that have surfaced as a result of The Table. For example, just moments before a difficult hospital appointment one person received a loving comment via The Table that, she said, “the Lord used to comfort me.” That story and others can be found here.

The Table’s Offerings

The Table software supports their mission with four legs:

  • An introduction space for getting to know the members of your church
  • An engagement space for discussions, announcements and more
  • A prayer wall for reaching out for prayer support
  • A ServeApp to connect needs within the church to individuals and their resources (coming soon)

They’re also working to offer their API free to other developers and churches who want to further customize their private social network. The Table can serve as the repository for all your content to be found in one place, revisited, discussed and shared…videos, blogs, podcasts and your YouTube channel.

You can add in outside apps and feeds, such as YouVersion’s Bible app, and enjoy The Table via mobile access. The Table has a Twitter-like message center that integrates with Twitter and Facebook. It also enables churches to send targeted messages to only those recipients who need them.

Fellowship One and The Table

We at Fellowship One are proud to be the ChMS selected to integrate with The Table. Their two-way sync enables new accounts to automatically connect to your F1 database. Updated profiles in the Table automatically update your database, and vice versa. To make sign-up even easier for your community, The Table pre-populates invite fields with data from your ChMS.

It’s free, so you have nothing to lose and a lot of stories to gain!

Gina Calvert

Gina is a word nerd who has been writing for ACTIVE for five years. When she’s not crafting content, she’s gardening, repurposing old furniture, reading, or watching movies with her husband.

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