In 2004, a group of Kingdom-minded individuals came together to provide technology solutions to the church world. Though church software solutions existed, their desire was to create a completely web-based, Enterprise-level Church Management Software (ChMS), along with education, training and support for changing the way churches "did church." Their goal was to change the world by changing the church world. The company was Fellowship Technologies. The product was an innovative, single-source, SaaS software called Fellowship One.

In 2010, Fellowship Technologies agreed to be acquired by ACTIVE Network, a global corporation offering similar technology solutions in a variety of markets, for the purpose of expanding greater resources into the church world. To that end, ACTIVE Network then purchased competitors ConnectionPower and ServiceU, creating ACTIVE Faith, the most comprehensive ChMS product suite available in the market today.


ACTIVE Network, the leader in Activity and Participant Management™ solutions, is on a mission to make the world a more active place. We’re well on our way with more than 50,000 global customers and 80+ million transactions we power annually. We’re headquartered in Dallas, Texas with more than 3,000 team members in 30 offices worldwide.

ACTIVE Network offers these superior ACTIVE Faith Cloud solutions for faith-based organizations:

Fellowship One, our original, 100% web-based (SaaS), Enterprise-level database management software for churches.

We are committed to educating church leaders with not only technology insights, but also legal, financial, professional, security and organizational best practices through 24/7 support and a variety of consulting and learning opportunities.

In addition to church software, ACTIVE Network provides resources for other areas of church management. Since 2004, we have driven the direction and quality of the ChMS industry with the belief that strategic process development and data analytics are necessary for effective database utilization.

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